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Welcome to another jam-packed edition of Christian Reads (So You Don’t Have To). Like usual, I’ll be covering the best SEO news & articles that I’ve been reading the past, oh, three or four weeks in this here blog post. I’m all about sharing & caring, so if you know of any good articles that I’ve missed, feel free to let me know in the comments!

Aaah June. June is an interesting month in Portland; we all think, “Summer is here!” but the weather turns out to usually stink. I always tell people that summers in Portland start on July 5! But, to try to drum up some good luck, here is what a nice June day looks like in Portland, Oregon:

June in Portland, OR

Courtesy: KATU

Ha ha! Fooled you. Here are my favorite news & articles the past three or four weeks:

New Amplify Whitepaper: Get a Rankings Boost With Social SEO

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Indeed, I’m plugging our new whitepaper first. But it’s worth the top spot! We partnered with TigerLogic to create this whitepaper full of stats & info as to why social SEO should be in your SEO marketing plan to help boost organic search rankings. There are four best practices shared in the paper to ensure success of social SEO. So what are you waiting for? [fancy_link link=”” variation=”primary_green”]Download the paper now![/fancy_link]

How To Perform the World’s Greatest SEO Audit

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This was a killer YouMoz post by Steve Webb. Have you performed an SEO audit or are you ever planning on performing an SEO audit? Steve literally gives you his process of how he goes about doing it from setting everything up to tools and some videos he has produced on how to do certain items. Also contained is a funny image of Matt Cutts (it’s not the best ‘shop work I’ve seen but it gets the job done; you can see it below):

Matt Cutts the officer

The So-What Factor: 4 Questions to Ask for Stickier Content

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Elisa Gabbert hits on something that I feel a lot of SEOs don’t truly think about when either producing content themselves or asking their clients to produce content: your content needs to be sticky! No one is going to want to share content that’s dry, boring and just blah. There needs to be a hook, whether it’s sharing some surprising, something that perhaps stirs up or resolves controversy or something else. She shares some good tips to think about when producing content.

8 Tips To Increase Your Link Building Efficiency

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I’d maybe look to change this post title to “Why I Use Gmail When Link Building” but Erin Everhart shares some tips that she uses when link building that help her be more efficient. For instance – I never knew about the Boomerang Gmail plugin. I could definitely look to incorporate that even in my day-to-day client management duties.

Comment Marketing as an Inbound Tactic

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Comment marketing typically gets a bad rap (as it should – we see a LOT of comment spam on this blog) but Rand over at SEOmoz goes over some white hat techniques that’s more about comment marketing as an inbound tactic as well as participating in the community and less about “comment here >> get link back to site”. It’s a good Whiteboard Friday video and I’d suggest for all to watch.

My Own Personal Christian Reads…

I’ve decided to finally learn how to play my favorite sport: ice hockey. So right now I’m reading a ton of stuff about learning how to skate because, you know, that’s important when playing hockey.

Readers Read… (So I Don’t Have To)

What have I missed? Did you read anything really awesome in late May / early June that you’d like to share? Please let me know in the comments!

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