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New Case Study!

Know your audience! This case study demonstrates the importance of serving your users the right content when optimizing PPC campaigns. Paid search campaigns do a great job of generating traffic, but assets and landing pages are the critical elements that determine conversion volume. In the case study below, we highlight the effectiveness of leveraging your assets to facilitate growth.

Client Profile

Retargeter is a company based in San Francisco, CA and is a platform for display advertising that specializes in retargeting and audience targeting. When Add3 assumed management of their campaigns last year, the pay-per-click program was built around direct sign-ups, resulting in low conversions and high CPAs

The Challenge

Retargeter was looking for an increase in content downloads as well as increased visibility within the Small Business Owner audience. The retargeting field is very competitive and Retargeter needed to find a way to stand out against competitors to become known as both a full-service and self-serve retargeting platform.

The Solution

We determined that sending users who are still in the initial stages of the sales cycle directly to a sign-up page wasn’t resonating well with the audience. Add3 suggested an eBook, which was developed and launched with the objective to generate content downloads. The implementation of the new eBook, “A Comprehensive Guide to Retargeting”, was two-fold: lead generation and lead nurturing. The eBook was developed with the idea that the substantial content would stand out and convert leads at a higher rate.


Campaigns were restructured in order for us to isolate performance based on theme and distribute budget more efficiently. Additional keyword research was performed and new keywords and keyword themes were added. Custom landing pages were created that aligned with our new structure and personalized headlines and copy were composed to keep the experience from Search > Ad Copy > Landing Page consistent.

The Results

Within 5 months of the launch of the eBook, results were as follows:

  • Conversions: Due to these positive improvements in account performance, additional funds were provided. With a 100% increase in click spend, we were able to achieve a 388% increase in conversion volume

  • Conversion Rate: Conversion rate across the account improved by 289%!

  • Cost per Conversion: The eBook’s cost per conversion was 82% lower than the sign-up page


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