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That was the subject line for the latest spam e-mail I received today. Spam e-mails infiltrate millions of inboxes each day. We’ve all received e-mails about how we can improve our love life, order extremely cheap medication overseas and even a personal e-mail from a former oil industry president located in Nigeria that somehow has millions of dollars to give to you, given you provide him with your bank account number.

Well, yesterday a man described as a “top spammer” was arrested. That man, arrested in Seattle, Washington, is described as being “… one of the top 10 spammers in the world.”

Although not entirely clear, it’s reported that Robert Alan Soloway could face “decades” of time in prison. I’m thinking that he should be imprisoned for five seconds for each spam e-mail he allegedly had some hand in sending out (since selecting & deleting one spam e-mail roughly takes five seconds for my GMail account). So let’s see… there are 31,556,926 seconds in a year. That number divided by five = ~6,311,385. The story says Soloway sent out “millions upon millions” of spam e-mails. So if he sent out 50 million e-mails (which is probably low-balling it), then by my calculation he should be sentenced for about eight years.

How long do you think he should be imprisoned for?

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