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8/24: Update: It’s official, Bing is now powering Yahoo’s organic search results in the US and Canada.

Here’s Yahoo’s announcement: Yahoo! Transitions organic Search Back-End to Microsoft Platform

And some more in-depth coverage from Search Engine Land: Yahoo’s Results Now Come From Bing



Today Bing announced that they will be powering Yahoo’s organic search results for the English language in the United States and Canadian markets as early as this week.

This move has been anticipated since Yahoo & Bing announced their intent to merge their search capabilities in  mid-2009.  The transition is set to take place as early as this week and means that Bing will now own approximately 32% of the search market share (5.2 billion monthly searches), a large leap forward from the 13% they previously owned. Google still owns the majority of the search share with roughly 65% however search marketers/site owners can no longer ignore the impact a top listing in Bing could have on their bottom line.

This transition does not come as a surprise as the 2 companies announced their intent to merge in mid-2009. There is still no firm date for the transition of the PPC results – the initial intent was to make the transition prior to the 2010 holiday season but the alliance may postpone the transition until early 2011. To learn more about the merge visit the Yahoo & Microsoft Search Alliance site.

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