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b2b & social media is like peanut butter & bacon. sounds weird but its good.

Peanut butter n bacon? Yep – it sounds weird, but it’s good. Just like B2B & social media marketing! 🙂 (Ok – that was a stretch but now that I’ve got your attention – you might as well read the rest). Since I’m going to the SMX Social Media Marketing conference next week, this month I present the social media marketing edition of my B2B & inbound marketing tips column. You’ll find a few of the best and most recent B2B social media marketing studies, tips, tricks, tools and infographics that I found to be valuable.

Social Platform Specific News for B2B Marketers

Announcing Instagram Profiles on the Web

You’ve certainly heard of Instagram. Maybe you’ve even used it. But you may not have realized that having an Instagram account didn’t mean you had a Web profile page. Now you can have one. The link is nofollowed, but who cares. Here’s our Instagram profile – AmplifySEM – give it a follow.

Pinterest Announces Business Accounts

Hey – if one new profile opportunity is good, two are better. Pinterest now gives businesses a chance to create a corporate profile. Setting up an account is easy. Check out

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Mastering LinkedIn

HubSpot’s 35-point cheat sheet for both individuals and businesses. Skip ahead to points #21-#25, which are all about using LinkedIn for business/marketing.

Where to Distribute B2B Content Marketing [Research/Chart]

Nice breakdown and reference for content marketing. Comparison matrix breaks down each platform and its audience size, content formats and B2B marketing benefits.

New Facebook Data Proves Social CTA’s Lead to More Comments, Likes & Shares

In this gem from Hubspot, we learn the obvious. I like things like this because sometimes its good to just have a reminder that it doesn’t have to be that complicated… Here’s the big 3 takeaways:

  • Want more likes? Ask your followers to “like” a post
  • Want more comments? Ask your followers to “comment” on a post
  • Want more shares? Ask your followers to “share” a post

Need Inspiration?

5 B2B Social Media Case Studies

Just because you’re a B2B marketer doesn’t mean your social media campaigns have to be boring. Get some inspiration from these B2B brands’ social media campaigns.

83 B2B Social Media Blog Post Ideas
That’s right, 83! Nuff said.

How About Some Tools?

Little Bird

Still in beta, this tool lets you search a topic and identify who the experts listen to. In other words, who influences the influencers. Armed with this type of tool, one could cut down on the time it takes to research a topic, identify and connect with the real influencers, and begin to build their own influence on the topic.


You’ve used PowerPoint, maybe you’ve even started marketing content on SlideShare… Have you seen Prezi? Woah. I give a fair number of presentations – I’m  going to give this a try. Why is this listed under tools? I suppose I could have put it up in platforms. Ultimately – SlideShare and (I’m guessing) Prezi provide you with yet another content marketing opportunity. Got a standard capabilities / sales deck / case studies? Put them up on these platforms, embed the content on your sites, use them in proposals, etc.

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