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LinkedIn SEO & inbound marketing tips

The focus of today’s B2B & Inbound marketing  roundup is LinkedIn. Specifically – strategies & tactics for marketing yourself, your company and generating leads with LinkedIn.

Using LinkedIn to Market Your Business

[fancy_link variation=”blue” link=”” target=”blank”]10 Ways to Leverage LinkedIn to Generate Business[/fancy_link]

Like the title says – there’s 10 tips for using LinkedIn for generating business. This article focuses on using LinkedIn as an individual rather than marketing your company page. The thing I like about it is the break down between 4 one-time actions to take (profile optimization) vs 6 actions to do regularly. This is a good one for just getting started with LinkedIn.

[fancy_link variation=”blue” link=”” target=”blank”]5 Ways to Generate Leads from a LinkedIn B2B Company Page[/fancy_link]

This one has great tips for optimizing and using your company page that go above & beyond the obvious profile optimization tips. For example – I didn’t know LinkedIn gave you the option to run your own banner ads on your company page! I have a feeling I know what the Amplify Interactive intern is doing this week…

[fancy_link variation=”blue” link=”” target=”blank”]13 Brands Using LinkedIn Company Page Features the Right Way[/fancy_link]

This post breaks down various ways that companies can optimize and leverage their LinkedIn profile with examples for each type of feature. Additionally – they present a stat that in a study of over 5,000 inbound marketers – LinkedIn proved to be 277% more effective than Facebook and Twitter for lead generation.

[fancy_link variation=”blue” link=”” target=”blank”]Expert Tips for Optimizing LinkedIn for Lead Generation[/fancy_link]

Marketo interviews Neal Schaffer, who gives some very practical advice about how brands can take advantage of LinkedIn for lead generation.

[fancy_link variation=”blue” link=”” target=”blank”]What Content to Publish on LinkedIn to Drive Engagement[/fancy_link]

This is a slideshare presentation covers the best types of content to publish on LinkedIn plus how to post content to drive ROI along with measurement strategies.

[fancy_link variation=”blue” link=”” target=”blank”]20 LinkedIn Tips for B2B Social Media Success[/fancy_link]

This one is a nice wrap up of things you can do on LinkedIn to market yourself as an individual AND a company. This post also delves into LinkedIn advertising.

Ben’s Tips for Better Living

My personal hobbies are eating, drinking and Beaver football. Here’s my most recent recommendations:

  • Eating and Drinking:
    • I actually just finished a 14-day detox diet including a 3 day juice cleanse. I haven’t been doing much eating out or drinking, but I do feel great. Biggest lesson learned – I like veggies more than I think I do and I was relying way too much on meat, dairy & carbs. When you see that you can stay full on veggies, fruit & nuts – you learn that maybe you don’t need to eat as much of the other stuff as you think you do. Hopefully I can form a few better habits as a result. If you’ve been thinking about a detox – The Feel Good World makes it as easy as it can get.
    • BEFORE I did the detox – I FINALLY made it to Woodsman Tavern. Had the lamb shank and a pickle back (Google it). Wasn’t blown away but it was good. I’m gonna hit it for brunch sometime soon. The best part was the people watching. Very Portland. Lots of beards.
  • Beaver Football: 3-0 & ranked #14 in September! So psyched! That’s all I have to say about that. Keep the comments to yourself Duck fan.

That wraps up this edition.

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