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You may recognize me from some of my past posts, including my ‘According To…’ series and my Social Guide to the London 2012 Olympics Games. The torch for the Social Media Round Up has been passed on to me from my good friend and colleague, Jessica Ward. Her shoes are going to be tough to fill, but I plan on trying my best to provide the latest and greatest news in Social Media.

In this post of “Ashley’s Social Media Snapshots” – 10 Creative Ways to Use Instagram for Business, Twitter Partners with Nielsen, Facebook Lets US Users Pay $7 to Promote Posts, and  Google+ Hangouts Become Customer Contact on Steroids.

10 Creative Ways to Use Instagram for Business

Instagram is one of my favorite apps and with 80 millions users, it is clear that many people are a fan of the photo-sharing program. Instagram was recently acquired by Facebook and changes are being made to develop a stronger web presence as well. The potential here is extremely great for business and it is a social platform that shouldn’t be ignored. The problem is, many business don’t know what to do with it.

This article offers up some great advice for product and service-oriented businesses. With 10 tips listed, you are sure to find one that is applicable to you.

Facebook Now Lets US Users Pay $7 To Promote Posts To the News Feeds of More Friends

Promoted Posts For Pages on Facebook

Promoted posts for Facebook users is now expanding to the US. As mentioned in this article, Promoted Posts have already been rolled out to 20 other countries and is currently available for Pages. It is slated to be available to users with less than 5,000 friends and is tentatively set to cost $7 per post. Features will be very similar to that of Facebook Pages, which is currently available.

Promoting a post will allow your content to receive a higher rank in the news feed and the post will be marked as ‘Sponsored’. This new feature has generated some controversy, voicing concerns from users who fear that their valued content will get pushed down in the rankings by promoted posts of garage sales and announcements.

Google Plus Hangouts for Business: Customer Contact on Steroids

Google+ Hangouts are my favorite feature on Google+. They are extremely versatile and very simple to set up. We have recently starting using them frequently at our office for our daily meetings, which has been very efficient and fun – we like to use the sound and headwear effects.

Google+ Hangouts are great for communication and meetings, but the potential here is extremely great and powerful. This article does a great job of explaining business ideas for non-streaming and streaming Hangouts. Some of the ideas included in the article are panel discussions, testimonial interviews, and product demos. It also explains some basic features of Hangouts, including how to create a custom banner.

LinkedIn Endorsements

LinkedIn Debuts Endorsements

Recommendations on LinkedIn just got easier. LinkedIn Endorsements were introduced at the end of September and allow users to endorse their connections for specific skills.

Endorsements will add more data to LinkedIn and are a quick and easy way to recommend a colleague, client, or friend for a specific skill. The new section called ‘Skills & Expertise’ showcases these endorsements.

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