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At Add3 we like to keep an eye on all of the latest news, tips, trends, and insights across the marketing industry. We especially like to do this because we know you, our clients and partners, may not always have the time to follow every blog or want to fill your inbox with every newsletter. Not only are we digital enthusiasts who simply love to read and talk marketing, but we also know firsthand how quickly trends, strategies, and best practices can change.

In an effort to help you sort through the ridiculous amount of both useful, and incredibly distracting and unuseful content (hey cat memes!) available at our fingertips today, we’ve put together some interesting articles you might have missed this month. Enjoy!

More changes at Google (are we even surprised?)

Marketing Land shared insights on Google’s recent update which removes AdSense 3-ads-per-page limit. A Google spokesperson confirms Marketing Land’s reporting and shares a new focus to “now look at the overall balance of content and ads on a page.”

> Google Removes AdSense 3-Ads-Per-Page Limit, Focuses on Content-to-Ad Balance

You don’t have to panic over churn.

Over on the Kissmetrics blog, they covered why churn isn’t always a bad thing and new ways you can view this oftentimes dreaded metric.

> Why Churn Isn’t Always a Bad Thing

Don’t get left behind with these back-to-school marketing trends.

The Think With Google blog never fails to deliver unique and research-packed insights that can help marketers better understand, and market to, their unique market segments. In this article, Google shares some of the key consumer trends making an impact along with useful and practical tips to win those coveted back-to-school shopping moments.

> The 2016 Back-to-School Marketing Trends You Need to Know

You, too, can make an impact with Facebook Video Ads.

Okay, these didn’t actually publish in August, they published in July, BUT if you are not subscribed to our marketing insights blog then you probably missed them. We have so much to say about the power of Facebook Video Ads that we needed two blog posts to do it (and there’s a whole lot more we still have to say!)

> Make an Impact with Facebook Video Ads

> Not All Facebook Video Ads are Created Equal

Some (more) email subject lines to help you increase open rates.

This is one of those areas where you can always improve, mostly because what works and what doesn’t… is always changing. In this article, Unbounce refreshed one of their most popular blog posts of all time with some updated and insightful tips for actually getting people to open your emails. What we like about this post is that it provides some really specific examples, and explains exactly why they work.

> 7 Eye-Catching Email Subject Lines to Catapult Your Open Rates

What have you been reading? What are some of your favorite articles from the last month?

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