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Enhanced sitelinks have always seemed like a cool feature; they allow for about 4x the number of characters of a search ad alone, take up more real estate and look more like an organic listing. Previously though, to take advantage of them, it was required that another ad (that would become the sitelink) was live within the account that also had a different destination url than the main ad the enhanced sitelinks would be appear under.  Not only was this limiting for accounts where the offer/landing page etc. is the same for each campaign, but there was a lack of control over what ads would be pulled in as sitelinks.

Now that has all changed. Once you make the switch to enhanced campaigns with upgraded sitelinks, you have the ability to specify the extra text with each sitelink! While not always a game changer, the addition of sitelinks is a best practice for any account, and with customizable sitelink descriptions, I expect we’ll see even more drastic improvements to performance of ads when sitelinks appear.

Can’t wait to see the competition get pushed down with these robust ads!

Read the full story in the Inside AdWords blog.

Nora Park

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Nora Park is an Account Director at Add3. She has been doing paid search marketing for 8 years; the past 5 with Add3. Outside the office, Nora enjoys running, cooking and spending time with her husband and 2 year old son, Tyson.

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