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Amplify Interactive's Hot 11 Articles of the WeekHere at Amplify Interactive we like to go the extra mile, so instead of giving you a top 10 list, we’re turning it up to 11! Our 11 favorite SEO, PPC, Social Media Marketing, and Analytics articles of the week. Read up and get educated!

1) Research Shows Blogging a Top Focus for Marketers

By Patricia Redsicker at SocialMedia Examiner

In the 2013 Social Media Marketing industry Report, 62% of marketers said blogging is the social media platform they most wanted to master. Interesting, because blogging is not normally considered to be “social media”. Having a good, helpful blog is one of the best ways to build a loyal audience. There are also a few other observations in this article. Give it a read!

2) LinkedIn Now Tells You Who’s Viewed Your Updates and Where You’ve Been Looking

by Ingrid Lunden at TechCrunch

Creepy or useful? Now you can see who has viewed your updates, as well as see what you yourself have viewed. There is no pay restriction on these new features. LinkedIn apparently wants to encourage more sharing curation on the site. This will obviously delight marketers, but some people think it increases the “creepiness” factor.

3) Creating Combination Charts In Excel

by Annie Cushing at Search Engine Land

Sometimes it’s good to read stuff like this just so you know that you can do it. Then when the situation comes up, you remember “hey, I read something about that…” then you search your bookmarks and there it is! So even if you don’t have a situation to apply this Excel stuff to right now, it’s a good little bit of knowledge to keep in the ol’ noggin.

4) 10 Principles for Turning Into a Killer (Copywriter)

by Demian Farnworth at CopyBlogger

Being a great copywriter is totally different than being a literary writer. It’s about ignoring everything except that which makes the sale. Pretty good tips here. My biggest takeaway: exclude everything from the copy except that which supports the sale (or conversion). Include things that exalt benefits, build trust, and overcome objections.

5) Goodbye Enhanced Campaigns, Hello Bing Ads

by Matt Van Wagner at Search Engine Land

Bing continues to give marketers the option to control bids for mobile devices at the keyword level. Bing continues to support desktop, mobile, and tablet targeting. And there was much rejoicing.

6) Say Goodbye to Non-branded Keyword Traffic if You’re In The Local Carousel

by Greg Gifford at autorevo

This seems to be pretty bad for SEO reporting on local businesses. To see what I mean, do a Google search for “comedy portland“. If you click on a business in the carousel it will take you to a new search which is the name of the business. So any keyword queries will show up as branded search in your analytics tools! So if you searched for “comedy portland” and clicked on Curious Comedy Theater in the carousel then you went to the website from there, it would look like you got to the website by searching for “Curious Comedy Theater”. That kind of sucks! Is there a workaround for this? If you know of one, please mention it in the comments, thanks.

7) Improved Linking of Google Analytics and AdWords Accounts

at Google Analytics Blog

This is a welcome change as the process of linking AdWords and Google Analytics was quite complex previously. According to Ryan Campbell, our Director of Paid Search, it was a convoluted process. So this is a welcome change.

8) Platform Updates: New Open Graph Tags for Media Publishers and More

by Voja Katich at Facebook Developers Blog

There are two new open graph tags: one for publishers and one for authors. You can now put a like or follow button in the preview when someone shares a URL on Facebook. so, someone can follow you directly from a preview that shows up in their feed. Sweet!

9) Google Rolls Out AdWords Dynamic Retargeting For Retailers

by Ginny Marvin at Search Engine Land

Google is rolling out dynamic retargeting to all AdWords retail customers with Google Merchant Feeds. This will help Google compete with retargeting platforms like Adroll, Retargeter, and Mediaforge.

10) 17 Essential Content Templates and Checklists

by Michele Linn at Content Marketing Institute

An awesome resource of various templates and checklists. Creativity, personas, promotion… lots of stuff to get the ball rolling on your marketing projects!

11) 5 Tips and Tricks for AdWords Editor

by Ashley Kennedy at Amplify Interactive

Our own Ashley Kennedy gives you her five favorite tips and tricks for AdWords Editor. If you use AdWords Editor, take advantage of her insights to increase your efficiency!


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