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This is a follow-up to: The Insider’s Guide to AdWords Enhanced Campaigns: Part I

Screenshot_5_22_13_5_11_PMIf you’re following along with any news in the last couple months with PPC you’ve at least heard of Enhanced Campaigns from Google Adwords. Ever since this announcement the PPC community has been buzzing with reaction to this change from Google. There are many enhanced changes to be aware of that we covered in Part I, but today we’re going to walk you through the process of upgrading a campaign from “Legacy” to “Enhanced”. Google is forcing the upgrade to Enhanced on July 22nd. Stay in control and complete the upgrade yourself.

There are a couple of options Google gives you to complete the upgrade. You can do this in Adwords Editor or take advantage of Google’s Upgrade Center. Today I’m going through the online Upgrade Center and I’d recommend this approach as it is the easiest and most seamless way to upgrade your campaigns.

1. The first thing you’ll want to do is visit the Upgrade Center, which you can find in the left hand menu in Adwords


2. After you’re in the Upgrade Center you’ll want to select your preferred method of upgrade. For this client and most of our clients we were not advertising on mobile and tablet devices. In this scenario you just select the first option outlined below. If you had mobile or tablet specific campaigns previously you’ll want to select the second option.


3. The next step is to select all campaigns that you would like to upgrade from the list and select “Choose Upgrade Settings” that I’ve pointed to. This will allow you to set your mobile bid multipliers.


4. The last step is to select your mobile bid multiplier. This will set a campaign level mobile bid multiplier. For this client we still don’t want to show ads on mobile devices so we set our mobile bid multiplier to -100%.


Early Results After Upgrading

There are a lot of useful features with Enhanced campaigns. The biggest negative is Google taking away device control from the advertiser. In the past Google recommended setting up device specific campaigns since these devices can have different strategies and tactics. Now Google is taking this option away with Enhanced campaigns. It’s hard not to be cynical and see a monetary motivation by Google in forcing this change. Most of our clients are B2B and we’ve tested tablet and mobile campaigns in the past and had high costs and little to no conversions. You’re able to opt out of advertising on mobile devices but to date Google has not given you the option to opt out of tablet devices.

We started upgrading multiple clients earlier this month and the results have been similar to what we saw in previous tests. Click spend on tablet devices has accounted for 2% of total click spend and has resulted in no conversions. Tablet click through rate is 109% higher than click through rate on computers but is not resulting in conversions. The data is not conclusive at this point but it’s not a good trend. We’re still hoping for Google to roll out features to give advertisers control over advertising on tablet devices.

Jeff over at PPC Hero worked with a much larger data set and is seeing similar patterns with rising CPA across campaigns as a result of upgrading campaigns to Enhanced.

What are you seeing with campaigns you’ve upgraded to Enhanced?

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