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Get ready: Google AdWords has now released a new certification to set you apart from the pack. Show off your video knowledge and add another line to your LinkedIn Profile with the Video Advertising advanced certification from AdWords.

Video Certification

What You Really Need To Know

Said to be one of the hardest exams to date (you need an 85% to pass), this 74-question, 90-minute exam covers basic and advanced YouTube and Display Network concepts.  Google will tell you that it covers topics such as “ad formats, targeting and reporting,” but from our perspective there was a greater emphasis on mastheads than the self-serve YouTube and GDN ads. Not shocking, but Google seems to push one of their priciest ad placement options over roughly 20% of the test.  Make sure you are fully aware of the concept of mastheads because we were blown away by the lack of resources on the certification’s study guide.  Masthead questions cover formats, placements, targeting and everything in between.

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Understand that Google provides a study guide for the Video Advertising advanced certification exam, but many of the resources are either minimal or outdated. Check out this page to get more information regarding the masthead options:

  • True/ False: Advertisers can implement a remarketing tag for mastheads?
  • What is masthead billing based on?
  • What are the targeting options for mastheads?
  • What devices can advertisers target with mobile video mastheads?

Always Check YouTube… Not just AdWords

Another hidden gem in this certification test is around the concept of YouTube Analytics. As advertisers, our gut tells us to stay within the AdWords interface for reporting, but don’t forget to poke around in your YouTube Analytics account to get a feel for what is offered and available for reporting. One thing to keep in mind is that YouTube Analytics is not exclusively available for or utilized by advertisers; channel owners use it as well.

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Information is changing fast!

If you are planning to take the certification exam soon, make sure you are reading up on the most recent articles and guidelines because many of the existing help articles were outdated.

This is particularly important with the new call-to-action overlays. CTA overlays are now available for both in-display and in-stream TrueView ad formats (previously only available for in-display ads). Remember, CTA overlays can run on both watch pages, as well as channel pages, and formatting is universal across mobile and desktop.

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The Easy Questions

You are probably most familiar with the TrueView ad format, but here is a quick overview of things that will be on the test:

  • TrueView Ads = AdWords for Video
  • TrueView ads can be measure by “quartiles”
  • In-Stream – you only pay when someone watches the full video ad or first 30 seconds, whichever comes first
  • In-Display – you pay when someone is engaged with and clicks your video ad to play it
  • TrueView ads can be any length, but are recommended to be less than 2 minutes
  • TrueView in-stream ads can be shown on both the YouTube watch page and channel pages
  • Trueview in-display ads will show in YouTube search results and/or websites on the GDN that match your targeting group

Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 10.08.52 AM

Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 10.06.11 AM

Hint Hint… Know the Answers To These Questions:

Obviously we want to maintain the credibility of this test and are therefore not going to give you the answers, but here are a few sample questions we highly recommend you study up on.

  • Where does a user land when they click on a TrueView in-display ad?
  • Average video view duration metrics are accessible through____?
  • Which ad rotation option can’t be used for AdWords for video campaigns?
  • Can you use your AdWords remarketing list for video ad remarketing?
  • If someone views your video ad, can they be added to your AdWords remarketing list?
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