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Add3’s Top Three is a quick weekly roundup of our favorite posts from around the web. Check back every Friday for three (and sometimes more) things we’ve found this week that we think are important in the digital marketing landscape. 

First page minimum bids continue to rise in wake of Google desktop SERP changes

We’ve seen first-page minimums continue to steadily increase, while top-of-page minimums appear to be back on the rise. While it’s too soon to attribute these changes precisely to causes, these are the symptoms we would expect if advertisers did get more aggressive with paid search bids as a result of the changes. – Andy Taylor, Search Engine Land

After Running a Radical Vertical Super Ad, Jeep Goes All-In on Snapchat

Jeep raised more than a few eyebrows in February when it chose to air its minute-long Super Bowl spot “Portraits” vertically, partly because the creative fit the size of a mobile phone. Now, the brand is permanently setting up shop on vertical-oriented Snapchat. – Lauren Johnson, AdWeek

Why Now, More Than Ever, SEO Is Not Just About Google

It’s common practice for SEOs to invest all their time and energies into just one search engine, but this is a limited approach. The truth is that SEOs need to investigate other strategies for generating traffic which don’t rely purely on Google. And to underline this point, I’m going to take a quick look at the current landscape and prove why this is an essential step for SEOs to take. – Roy Hinkis, Moz

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