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Add3’s Top Three is a quick roundup of our favorite posts from around the web. Check back every Friday for three (and sometimes more) things we’ve found that we think are important in the digital marketing landscape. 

Increase customer activation and retention with easy app engagement

Being present in context when a consumer needs you is crucial. For example, 91% of smartphone users reach for their phone to get ideas while doing a task – and that’s when you want your app to surface. To adapt to this shift, apps today are investing beyond the install and moving to engage their customers with smart retention strategies. – Google

The death of Instagram for Brands

What happens to brands that have heavily invested in creating wonderful content on Instagram? While larger brands have the marketing budget to pay for what was once free media, blogshops and other small businesses may not be so lucky. – Steve Feiner, Tech Crunch

SEO for AJAX based sites

After creating a “rich client” application with the most cutting edge JavaScript technologies, you now want also the search engines to index your site and explore it. – Or Meirov, Co-Founder and CTO at Roojoom

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Mike Scaturo, a New York native turned PNW imposter, is an Account Coordinator at Add3. Before joining Add3, Mike worked as Marketing Coordinator for Seattle Interactive. Outside of the office, you can find Mike hiking, searching for Seattle’s best slice of pizza, or trying to keep his cats off the kitchen counter.

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