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What happens when you combine killer Google marketing knowledge and a great product? Magic. We have seen time-and-time again this winning combination at Add3. Though, it has only been more recently that we have been talking about nailing Cost Per Acquisition and Return On Ad Spend goals on Google when it comes to mobile apps.

Google Mobile App Suite

In the past 9 months, Google’s Mobile App Suite has transformed from a Beta Product to a full-blown solution for mobile app user acquisition. I am here to share some results that the Add3 team has achieved for our clients.

First, it is important to make a clear distinction between the various placements of the Google Mobile App Suite, versus a Google Universal App Campaign.

The Google Mobile App Suite is comprised of placements across Google that are manually implemented. These include Search on Google Search (App Extensions), Google Play Store Search, In-App Display (formerly AdMob), YouTube, mGDN (Google Display Network) and Google Sponsored Promotions (Gmail). Allison has done a great job of covering these products here.

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When to Use Google Universal App Campaigns

Add3 manages each of the Google Mobile App Suite placements as individual, stand-alone opportunities. It is only after achieving results with managed placements that we would recommend the Google Universal App campaign.

Google Universal App campaigns should be used to increase install volume from Google when the Google Mobile App Suite has been fully built out and optimized. Here is a great quote from Allison on Google Universal App campaigns:

“Using this campaign type, App marketers are able to show across all of the previously mentioned campaign types/channels. The idea behind this campaign type is really neat but should be considered and used only after the individual channels are well built out for the best performance. With Universal App Campaigns there is little control or opportunity for optimization once live. With that said Universal App Campaigns can be used effectively if your goal is to scoop up additional volume on top of your current strategy.”

Mobile App User Acquisition Results

Now that you know the ingredients, let’s talk about results.

Add3 manages user acquisition across digital marketing channels for a mobile music client. Add3 has continued to drive scale for the client, with month-over-month growth on the account for the past 6 months. Some top-level results from Google for the client:

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 9.40.48 AM

Metric 1, Installs is great. It proves that Google is a viable channel to drive scalable mobile user acquisition. The second metric is even more important.

Through constant optimization, Add3 has increased the volume of revenue-generating events for the client. The result is growth and continued scale.

With a laser-focus on Cost Per Acquisition and Return On Ad Spend, we are excited to see the client continue its rapid growth trajectory with an ROI-positive acquisition campaign.

Add3 – Google Partner

Add3’s secret sauce – our agency IP – is that as a Google Partner we manage millions-of-dollars per year on Google across verticals. Our expert team of digital marketers have helped some of the biggest brands in the word grow. The Google Mobile App Suite represents a great opportunity for acquire users at scale, and help your app to grow. Let us know if you would like to learn more!

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