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As the person responsible for keeping Add3’s walls bursting with the most awesome people in the digital marketing world I get a LOT of inquiries from folks who would like to join our team. Unfortunately we can’t hire everyone that wants to work for us, which means I have to be very selective (I received over 100 resumes for the last SEM Account Manager role we had open!). People often ask me “What would have made me a better candidate?” So here are a couple of pointers for getting a job at a digital marketing agency:

1.) Show That You Pay Attention To Detail. Know who Add3 is and what we do. Know which position you’re applying for and the skills required. Take the time to Google us and find out a bit about our history. Look at our company website, connect with us on FB and Twitter, and learn who we are and what our culture is. Maybe even read a few of our more recent / more popular blog posts to comment on. Find subtle ways to exhibit your knowledge of our company in your cover letter, resume, and interview. After all, attention to detail is one of the most important attributes of Add3 team members.

2.) Stand out. Be Concise. Just like in advertising: You have about half a second to capture my attention. When you’re writing a cover letter, sending an email, or piecing together your resume take time to use the correct words that create an impact. Make yourself stand out in a positive way. Something that shows the hiring manager that you pay attention to detail, know the material, and are the perfect fit for his or her company. I once carried around the resume of a candidate for 3 weeks even though he was woefully unqualified for the position. Why? Because it was tastefully printed on heavy bright blue stock. That person knew how to make an impact and every time I picked up my stack of resumes, it seemed to make it in there.

3.) Know the material.  When we communicate you should reference specific talents, experience, or knowledge that you have and how it applies to the job description and required skills of the position. If you’re applying to Add3, you know that search engine marketing is a big deal for us – show that you know what Google Adwords, Google Analytics, Bing, FBX, etc. are. Even for an entry level position, and even if you don’t have a day of professional experience you can take their individual training courses, pass their tests, and even set up small test campaigns to show that you know what we do. Why? Because everyone else you’re up against has already done this. :

4.) Ask The Right Questions. One of the first things we all learn while applying for a job is to ask questions. Surprisingly I still get a lot of people who don’t ask a single question :facepalm:.


This is the fastest way to end an interview. There are even more candidates who don’t ask very good questions. Questions that make it painfully clear that you’re just going through the motions: “What does Add3 do?” “What’s a normal day like?” or “Are there paid holidays?” Seriously just stop.  Ask me questions that show you have a genuine interest in more than collecting a paycheck. Ask what your career path will look like at Add3. I’d love to tell you what the most crucial qualities and talents are for each position, or how you’ll learn advanced techniques from some of the industry’s best & brightest minds.

5.) Don’t Be A Nag, But Stay Connected. I’ll often come in contact with great candidates at the wrong time. Some of these folks have eventually been hired and turned into the greatest team members of Add3 because they stayed in touch and would connect (even briefly) at networking events, on LinkedIn, etc. The key here is tact. Don’t overdo your follow-ups. Make sure that each time you reach out it’s for a purpose.

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Tim Wisner

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Tim is a co-founder and COO of Add3. With over 15 years of experience, he's watched as the industry has changed colors numerous times. Outside of Add3, Tim's passions include auto racing, ping pong, traveling, and very tasty FOOD.

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