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As we begin the holiday season, advertisers are ready to go, with a full understanding that a bulk of their yearly sales will come in over the next few weeks and set the tone for next year’s consumer base. No pressure, guys. Here are some tips you can use to make your holiday SEM campaigns a little brighter, and your books a little blacker.

Proper Budget Allocation

A bulk of advertisers’ ad spend will be used starting the week of Thanksgiving and will continue up until the first shipping deadline. It is extremely important that you allocate budgets properly to ensure you are in the market right when consumers are shopping, even if you don’t happen to be offering a Black Friday or Cyber Monday deal. By capping your daily budgets to low during this period, you are likely to miss crucial holiday sales – that’s enough to turn any advertiser into a Grinch!

Google Shopping – Product Listing Ads

As customers are looking for the right deal on their must-have items during the holidays, Shopping Product Listing Ads in Google AdWords become an important tactic for advertisers to reach qualified consumers. These ads are served alongside contextually relevant search results that Google determines with both the user’s search and the data in your Google Merchant Center product feed. Advertisers then leverage expanded tactics such as Special Offer, Trusted Stores and Rating Stars to increase click and conversion rates.

Google PLA

 Customized Dynamic Ad Copy

Back in early October, Google AdWords expanded its ad customizers in ad copy to advertisers. These parameters inserted in the ad copy allow for dynamic updates in real-time. Some examples are showing users products, displaying price details, and even a countdown clock for one-time events or sales to increase purchase decision urgency. These dynamic insertions have been noted to increase conversion rates in ad copy – that makes for some happy holidays!

Customized Dynamic Ad Copy

* Image Source: Google Adwords Help Section

Bid Where Your Consumers Are

Understanding where your sales are coming from and increasing market presence by leveraging bid adjustments in targeted locations are great ways to increase your Return on Ad Spend (ROAS), plus they are super easy to use! First, start by analyzing your locations in your transactions reports, and then simply add those locations into campaigns with an increased bid adjustment. It’s ready to go, just like that!

Targeted Ad Locations

Follow the guidelines above, and you’ll be sure to have plenty of reason for good cheer when the holidays wrap up. For more resources and tips for success in the SEM world, make sure you check out Add3’s Insights blog today!

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