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Zach is Add3’s intelligent, adventurous, and quiet SEM Account Manager.

【Zach and his twin sister】

He started working here just about one month ago. Before Add3, he worked at a social media agency in University District called Digital Airstrike.

What brought you to Add3?

Zach: “I found Add3 through job posting on craigslist when I was looking for another opportunity. It seemed to be where I wanted to be. I threw my name in the hat, and here I am!”
Why did you choose Add3?

What do you love about Add3?

What was your major in college?

Zach: “I had two majors. I majored in public relations, and also in political science. It was really busy. I took some summer classes one summer so I could graduate on time because I had to take extra credits.”

What do you do when you are off work?

Zach: “I do a lot of sports writing. I like to read and write about different things. I’m also physically active. I go running, or play basketball outside. And I really like to watch sports. I love to go Mariners game. Sometimes my roommates and I go out to a sports bar, get beer, watch games, and eat crappy food.haha ”

Can you tell me a little bit more about your roommates?

Zach: “I actually live with five roommates. We are all men, and in our twenties. As you can imagine, we are all kind of sloppy and the house gets really messy.haha Sometimes it gets really gross in the kitchen.haha But we try to keep it clean. I like having roommates because there is always something to do.”


What is your goal in ten years?

Zach: “It would be traveling the whole world. I want to visit every continent except for Antarctica.”

【Zach at the white house】

【Zach and his mom】


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