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Victoria is an organized, hard-working Account Director at Add3.

She is also my superviser, and I’m always amazed by how well-prepared she is.

She describes herself as quiet, perfectionist, and avid traveler.

Victoria, “Oh, I also read too much. I have been like that since I was young. I love fiction because it’s more creative. My favorite author is Terry Goodkind, who is the writer of the Sword of Truth novels.”

・Who do you think is your ping pong rival?

Victoria: “I would say either the Nora or Jen, but they are getting much better-haha”


・When was the happiest moment in your life?


・What’s the instrument you played?

Her major was Marketing and Information Systems. She took double degree at University of Washington.

Victoria: “Actually, I was trying to do biology and marketing, but it was way too hard!”

・Why were you interested in biology?

Victoria: “I think it’s because I did a special summer program when I was young, where they introduced different types of biology. In one session, they showed us how to extract DNA from cells. After the program, I was really interested and wanted to study genetics in college”

Victoria coincidentally met Brian and Paul through her father, who owned a restaurant that they visited frequently. After meeting them, she started interning at Add3, and has worked there since then.

・How did you get interested in online marketing?

Victoria: “I wasn’t really interested in marketing before because I thought it was more about traditional marketing. But when I got into online marketing, it was still relatively brand-new. No one knew too much about it, and it’s still growing. I became more interested in it because it’s not only creative but also based on data. It’s more reasonable than guessing.”

・What do you love about add3?

Victoria: “I like the culture we have. It’s very laid-back. We are kind of like a small family. We often go out to happy hour or have company outings. A year or two ago, we went on the Ride the Ducks tour!”

Here is Victoria’s loving dog, Destiny:

Victoria: “Destiny knows when she is getting her picture taken!”




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