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We have the TV that was in Conference Room Bronco (CRB) just sitting there next to the pong table. Unhung, unloved, unAmerican.

We would love to have as many TVs as we can, but, sadly, we only have so much wall space.

Enter the funnest, most exciting giveaway in the history of names in hats.

Here is the rules:

1. Everyone’s name is going in a hat, whether you want it in there or not.
2. A name will be drawn (with plenty of fanfare).
3. If that person wants the TV, they get the TV. Take ‘er home. Enjoy.
4. If that person does not want the TV, they will say “no” (in a foreign language).
5. Next name will be drawn.
6. Etc.
7. If no one wants the TV, Adrian will punch a hole clean through it.
8. When: whenever it’s determined that we have everyone here (and no one is especially crabby).
9. Soundtrack: excessively motivational.
10. Attire: Turtlenecks (sorry, no exceptions).

It took place on January 24th (Paul was out, sorry.)

This is how it looked like

Katie won the TV!! Lucky girl!


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