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Tim is Add3’s analytical, creative, and fun Chief Operations Officer with a charming smile.

【After the accident, Tim was determined to surf again】

He makes sure that the business is functioning properly from a financial perspective. He analyzes Add3’s weak points and strong points to make sure the direction of Add3’s growth is consistent with our strengths.


・What is Add3’s greatest strength?

Tim: “Without a doubt, it’s our talent. A lot of other agencies rely on using software to manage accounts. However, Add3 relies on very analytical and talented people. Search marketing is really nice balance between art and science. Everyone in Add3 is both creative and scientific, and that makes us excel.”


・What do you love about Add3?

Tim: “I love the talented people we have here, the service that we provide for our clients, and the culture we have. You know, we have fun, we are relaxed, but we are serious when we need to be serious. I also love watching people grow professionally.”


【The official mascot of Quattro De Mayo】

・Who is your ping pong rival?

Tim: “I think Jason and I are pretty well matched.”

・Are you good at ping pong?


・What was your major?

Tim: “For the first three years, it was computer science. Then, I changed it for the last year to communications because I had really great working experiences in marketing. And I decided to change the direction of my life and go down the marketing field instead of computer science.”


・What brought you to marketing field?

Tim: “When I was twenty years old, I got my first job programming for a search engine. After my first three weeks, my boss set me down and said ‘Tim, you are not very good at programming.’lol He gave me two choices – either getting fired or moving over in marketing which the boss thought I would do some good. He thought I was way too social to be a programmer.haha I chose to take the second one, and it changed my whole life. I guess he was right.haha


・What do you do when you are off?

Tim: “I work. Lol – no, I like mountain sports: skiing and hiking and things like that. I like to run a few times a week, it’s a good way to clear my head. More than anything else, I love driving at the local race track. Mentally, it’s the most intense activity I’ve ever experienced. It’s a thrill and an absolute blast.”

Tim: “This photo seems weird to me. I still can’t believe I was going backward!”


What was the happiest moment in your life?

【Just before the asteroid hit】


About Add3

Add3 is a digital marketing agency that delivers integrated digital marketing campaigns across search, social & display advertising that help our clients reach their marketing goals.  

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