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Web analytic tools helps you to collect, measure and analyze Internet data, see where your visitors are coming from, what they are doing inside your page and which pages they recently visited on your site.

Every blogger wants to know as much complete info regarding their sites as possible and desires to see how users/audiences are interacting. I’ve seen many out there which will provide you with web analytics, but after 7 weeks trying this by myself, not all of the tools are applicable or worthy of prime time from my point of view. So let’s check some of the Best Real Time Analytic Tools that provide useable visitor data in real time.

1.     ClickTale

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Personally, I really like ClickTale. Start using their Real-Time Monitor just by logging into your account or signing up for free, it’s super easy. I received an email from their customer service including a very useful “how to” demo which explained how to use their Real Time Analytics most effectively. I also had the chance to exchange emails with their customer service a couple of times to solve complex questions. The results were a personal call guided me step by step. Their service is absolutely awesome!! For those who don’t have much experience with web analytics, I absolutely recommend ClickTale. They get my seal of super satisfaction!

The tool itself allows you to make on-the-fly decisions for landing page optimization and usability. Their Real-Time Monitor allows you to see how your users react to the changes and improvements you’ve made to your site, without waiting hours or days for traffic analysis. They are offering you an unprecedented level of interactivity with your visitors, revolutionizing A/B testing by incorporating Real-Time update analysis and optimization.

2.     Google Analytics


Google Analytics does a great job analyzing past performance. They’ve recently brought a real time component with the launch of Google Analytic Real-Time.  This brings you a set of new reports that show what’s happening on your site as it happens.

  • Campaign measurement

Since Victoria gives me a very detailed demo of search engine marketing, I was extremely interested in how multiple online campaigns can be conducted well. I did some research showing that before launching a campaign, including Real-Time ensures campaign tracing is optimally implemented. When getting ready to launch a new campaign, it’s important to make sure your measurement plan is working before you start driving visitors to your page. With Google Real-Time reports you can find out whether you are getting the data you want in Google Analytics instantly.

  • Measuring social media impact

Commonly today, whenever we put out a new blog post, we also tweet about it. With Real-Time, I can see the immediate impact on my site traffic.

For instance, last week I posted a book report on Lean in, written by the COO of Facebook Sheryl Sandberg. I also tweeted about the post. By campaign tagging the links I shared, I could see how much traffic was driven to the blog as it happened. By keeping tabs on this I was able to see the time impact and effectiveness of the tweet, allowing me to know when to reengage my audience.

By using Google Analytics, I can see what’s happening on my site right now!

3.     Woopra


Woopra takes real time analytics to another level. It gives you the ability to watch as well as interacting with your site. Moreover, you have the ability of chatting using the Woopra Chat Widget. It also boasts advanced notification features allowing you to monitor notifications such as emails, audible, popup’s based on various actions etc. Woopra, has different types of Real-Time Analytics, such as Segment Analytics, Navigation Path Analytics and so on. My favorite is the retention analytic, as it helps determines length of customer engagement and interaction. This really facilitates the understanding of the value your website or application has to your customer base.

Woopra is a powerful and immediate easy to use analytics engine.

 4.     Chartbeat


I recently was turned onto Chartbeat  and after reading more about it, I’ve been drawn to this tool.

Chartbeat has its own target audience, that being news publishers and other content websites. They are rumored to be gearing up to introduce specialized analytics for e-commerce websites soon. Their clients include Time, Starbucks, Fox News and Billboard Magazine are currently benefiting from this tool.

 5.     W3Counter


W3Counter gives you more than 30 different reports including  the ability to track Twitter mentions and viewing details of your most recent visitor. While it’s pretty cool the vast range of free reports available. The time investment to becoming proficient on their 30 different reports could stand some attention. They may want to take the lead from ClickTale in this regard, adopting video instruction to ease their potential customers into a return engagement.

However, on the bright side, looking at visitors in real-time demonstrates quickly how effective your marketing campaigns are, and which projects are driving quality traffic to your site. You can ascertain a campaign’s strengths and weaknesses within minutes instead of days or weeks, allowing you to take action immediately to increase traffic and conversion rates.


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