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Keeping everyone socializing is a common value at Add3. When Add3 was founded, the co-founders made sure that the work place is fun and the workers here communicate with each other on a daily basis. We believe that’s why we have such an outstanding team.

You can see a variety of tactics to keep everyone socializing in Add3’s office. Let me introduce some of them here.

1.Ping Pong Table

We have a ping pong table, many rackets, and many ping pong balls in our office. Everyone plays ping pong to take a short break and keep their focus on work.

This was Brian’s idea. He has his own ping pong racket. It cost $100 while other rackets in our office cost $60 each.

Me: “How is it different from other rackets?”

Brian: “The raver is nicer!”

Add3 just had our annual ping pong tournament last December. In the final match, Adrian beat Brian and won the title ‘Ping Pong Prince’.

Brian: “I will dedicate hours of practice in 2013 to squash any dreams Adrian has for trophies this year.”

Adrian: “Brian says that, but he won’t. I have the confidence that I will defend my title!”

2. Music

We always have cool music playing in the office using SONOS. This was Paul’s idea.

Paul: “We saw a lot of people wearing headsets listening to music during the work. And I thought why don’t we have music in the office? That way, people will socialize more.”


3. Kitchen & Free Food & Lunch Room

Add3 has a kitchen and a lunch room in the office. Healthy food is served for free. During lunch time, there are usually five or six workers eating and chatting in the lunch room.

We get fresh food delivered from Amazon fresh and Costco every week. People make salads, sandwiches, and soups for lunch every day. Here is the lunch I made the other day.

This was Tim’s idea to keep everyone socializing. Currently, Katie is in charge of purchasing healthy food for everyone. There is a white board in front of her desk, and everyone writes the food they want on it.

4. Free Coffee

There are two coffee shops near our office where Add3’s workers can get coffee for free. Add3 pays for them at the end of the month on behalf of workers.

One is Tim’s favorite – Cupcake Royale, and the other is Brian’s favorite – Porchlight Coffee.

Normally, three or four workers go grab coffee together instead of going individually. Thanks to this incentive, grabbing coffee is a great opportunity for workers to socialize and have fun.


These incentives and tactics have kept workers satisfied and interactive. As a result, team Add3 has become more and more effective and successful.

Because Add3 satisfies its workers, we can employ capable, passionate, fun, and motivated workers, which results in our customers’ satisfaction. It’s our philosophy!


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Add3 is a digital marketing agency that delivers integrated digital marketing campaigns across search, social & display advertising that help our clients reach their marketing goals.  

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