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Paul is the CEO and also one of Add3’s co-founders.

Paul: “I make sure that the team is feeling happy and the company is cranking along by communicating with them on a daily basis. And my CEO is my wife.”

How would you describe yourself in three words?

Paul: “Wild madman (←two) or a very happy dad (←four)”

How do you play with your kids?


What was your major in college?

Paul: “Um..history. I focused on World War Two. I was studying philosophy and it got too confusing. So I was like “Huh.. I got to get out of this, and moved on to history.” It’s fun studying the stories and the past. Also, we can learn from the past, right?”


I just realized that no one in Add3 has majored in marketing so far!

Paul: “What the hell is going on with that, Saya?! We need to find some marketing major!”


What was the first job you got?

Paul: “I was in a Rock & Roll band with four friends of mine for five years. I played drums.”


How did you decide that you were done with the first job?

Paul: “That’s a really good question, Saya!! They fired us. They decided for us!lol”


What’s your dream?

Paul: “I want to be a professional soccer player. I want to make millions of dollars playing soccer. I might be too old, but I’m not sure. I want to be the best old man soccer player. I also want to be a ping pong referee. I want to be both before I die!”


What do you love about Add3?

Paul: “I love all the food people make for the lunch. I like the fun lunch time. I want get better at making sandwiches. I’m going to ask Rob to teach me.”


Who is your ping pong rival?


What makes your life meaningful the most?

Paul: “It got to be good Indian curry food and my family.”

Do you have any favorite Indian curry restaurant?

Paul: “I love the Indian curry place right down the corner. It’s great. It’s called…I forgot.”


About Add3

Add3 is a digital marketing agency that delivers integrated digital marketing campaigns across search, social & display advertising that help our clients reach their marketing goals.  

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