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A business without customer engagement is akin to a person a soul, both are empty-shells and not very satisfying nor enticing. But how do you find your businesses soul online? How do you create a satisfying, personalized, customer friendly and soulful experience for your audience?

Customer’s want a fulfilling end engaging experience tailored to their intentions. The experience can be emotional and/or logical, but at the end of it there must be a substantial result for both parties.  Putting yourself in their shoes is one way to understand your customer’s journey making it easier for them to find a value to engage and, hopefully, continue to engage with you once discovered.

There are a new flurry of lightweight tools cropping up which show you exactly what your visitors are doing on your website by capturing every gesture they make during their engagement. Viewed individually, you can replay your site through eyes of your visitors. Viewed cumulatively, you can see where your site, even your advertisements, cause engagement drop off. Spending time on the cumulative heat maps of user experience allows you to understand how the public at large interacts with your online presence.  Best of all, it can allow you to improve that engagement positively.

ClickTale - Heatmaps


In last several weeks, I have been experimenting ClickTale’s customer experience analytics. I signed up for an account to try ClickTale on my Word press blog. After one week of using it, I saw some unexpected finding which made me believe the importance of visualizing visitor interaction.

  • I can see what visitors do on my blog by watching the recordings of their sessions one on one. It’s as if I’m are looking over their shoulder
  • Using JavaScript in my blog, the process does not appear to have any noticeable effect on site performance, but this allows me capture every mouse move, click and keystroke for all users, building me a heat map of where people spend their time, and where they do not
  • From a blog point of view, I can what articles and sections are attracting time spent. Many people read with their mice, so while I am not able to watch their eyes, I’ve got a pretty good idea of their consumption.

While I’m just at the beginning of this journey, and I am very interested in allowing more data to accrue, I’m looking forward to see if I can improve the experience and value proposition for Add3’s audience.  Right now, I’m watching you read this and I’m thanking you for spending your time with Add3.


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