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Nora Park is Add3’s organized, determined, and social Agency Accounts Director.

Add3 has another member called Nora, so we need to be able to differenciate between them. Brian, who is half Korean, named her ‘Korean Nora’ because her last name is Park.

She is not from Korea. But she did live in Paris! She lived there for four years when she was little, so she can speak French.

Our office’s American ‘Korean Nora’ speaks French!


  • What do you love about Add3?

Nora: I love a lot of things about it. It’s very easy to talk to the founders and bring ideas to them. And they, you know, consider them. Everybody is really valued by the company. Everybody feels comfortable talking to anyone.’s also fun! We make efforts to have good office atmosphere.


  • Who do you think is your ping pong rival at the office?


Korean Nora loves running and watching movies. Her favorite movie is “Wedding Crashers”.

Nora: “When I studied in France, that’s one of the movies my friends and I had watched over and over again. I don’t know… It’s funny. We started to quote it a lot.”

  • What kind of lines did you quote?

Nora: “Well..nothing really appropriate that I can say. haha”


Nora has traveled to Italy, Germany, Switzerland, and of course France. She hopes that she can visit Scandinavian countries, Scotland, and Ireland soon. But, for now, she is saving money to buy a wonderful house near Seattle. Good luck!

Many people stop by her desk every day, and talk to her or ask her questions about work. Everyone is counting on her very much!


About Add3

Add3 is a digital marketing agency that delivers integrated digital marketing campaigns across search, social & display advertising that help our clients reach their marketing goals.  

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