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Miles is Add3’s

SEO Account Manager who just started working here in January 2013.

Miles: “In a game of Apples to Apples, my friends and I declared that the cards you won by the end of the game describe you as a person. This was me. Spot on!”

How would you describe yourself in three words?

Miles: “Baller onna Budget”

【Miles is also a model in his spare time.】

Miles is half Japanese and half American, but he doesn’t look like half Asian at all!

Miles: “I’m the third child, so maybe I got the watered down genetics. Haha. Actually, my siblings look half Japanese, but I look like kind like a mutt.”

What was your major in college?

Miles: “Marketing. I originally was an accounting major, and that was just hell! It’s all about memorizing a bunch of rules and applying them to a system. I hated it! Haha.”

Why did you choose marketing?

Miles: “Honestly, I just defaulted on business. I didn’t know what else I wanted to do. The things I learned about marketing in school were mostly common sense. But I love my job. It’s a lot different from what I learned in school.”

【Visiting one of his best friends in Hawaii and looking like an awkward weirdo.】

How did you find Add3?

Miles: “Actually, Chris recommended me. He knew I was looking for a job, and eventually they scooped me up!”

What do you love about Add3?

Miles: “What don’t I love about Add3? I love the super hella dope people. They are really smart, driven, and relaxed. I also love the artwork and ping pong.”


Who is your ping pong rival?

Miles: “At this point, it’s Chris, but I need to practice a lot. I’m really looking for somebody to just stay with me an hour or two after every single day so I can practice. Haha. Finally then I would dominate Chris and maybe move up in the rankings a little bit. Someday, maybe I would play as the top dog! But I’m taking baby steps.”


What do you do when you are off work?

Miles: “I work out, read, and go to concerts a lot. I mostly read fiction. I used to play soccer for ten years, and ran really competitively. But I haven’t done any sports for the last several years.”


Do you have any unknown fact or hidden talent?

Miles: “I was born in Japan… That’s not really unknown… And… Oh, I’m really good at juggling a soccer ball. BUT that doesn’t mean I’m good at soccer at all! I am very average as a soccer player.”

What was your dream when you were little?

Miles: “I didn’t wanna do anything as a kid. Haha. I just wanted to grow up and earn money. A VERY large amount of money. I had a lot of schemes as a kid like… sell lemonade… and kidnap Bill Gates. I was like, ‘Why hasn’t anyone thought of this?’”

【Some say Miles was a modeling prodigy.】

What’s your dream now?



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