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Katie is Add3’s smiley, ambitious, and kind Finance Manager.

【Katie at her brother’s wedding shower in Bellingham】

Katie worked for another company in its finance department before she fell in love with Add3.


What brought you to Add3?

Katie: “I was ready for a change, and I found a position ad. It said that Add3 wanted a fun person with my skill set. It also promised to be a fun work place. I didn’t see any reason why not to. And they haven’t let me down yet!”


What do you love about Add3?

Katie: “I love the people. I think that they know how to have a good time. They have mastered being lively while still being productive and getting their work done. It’s a fun place.”


What’s your passion about your job?

Katie: “I’m passionate about it because I’m almost the only one who works on finance at Add3. I kind of get to see the big picture of it. When you work on finance, it’s fun to work for a smaller company where you get to see all aspects.”


Who is your ping pong rival?

Katie: “Jen Cobb, for sure. She beats me 9 out of 10 games, but I still keep coming back for more just in case I will be the one who beats her up.”


What do you do when you are off work?

Katie: “Since I’m indoors all the day at work, so I normally really want to get outside. No matter the season in Seattle, I try to get outdoors – walking, running, hiking, skiing, camping, gardening, and playing beach volleyball.”

Could you tell me a little more about your passion for sports?

Katie: “My fiancé and I are very into sports, so we watch games a lot. We have season tickets to UW Husky Basketball, and to UW Husky Football. We go to almost every game. We also go to a couple of Seahawks games a year. We spend a lot of time watching games, more than I would probably like. But it’s fun!”


What is your goal in ten years?

Katie: “Kids, kids, kids! I’m a part of a big family, and I wish I could have a big family as well. I have three siblings. I want to have that many as well, but my fiancé is scared of kids. Haha We will start with one kid and see how it goes. I love kids.”

【Katie’s big family】

What is your greatest concern?

Katie: “That’s hard. I’m a worrier. I worry about virtually everything.”


Is there anything exciting going on around you these days?

Katie: “I’m getting married in July! My fiancé proposed to me right before we went to Seahawks game. He took me out of one of the piers. We got breakfast there, and he proposed to me. It was funny because I was really hungry. It was noon, and I hadn’t eaten anything yet. He was poking like ‘let’s go out on the piers!’ and I was like ‘Come on! Let’s just get breakfast!’ So I was being kind of difficult.haha”

【Hiked Mt. St. Helens】


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