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Josh is Add3’s Director of SEO. He’s pretty entertaining. At least that’s what he claims.

Josh: “I lead my SEO team to do the best in the world by feeding them very little. So far, it’s working.”


・How do you describe yourself in three words?


Josh and his brother, Paul, are two of Add3’s co-founders.


・How was Add3 founded?

Josh: “Paul is three years older than I am. He is type AA, I’m sort of type C-/ D+. But I’m trying, day and night, to raise my aggression level. It’s not easy!”


・What do you love about Add3?
Josh: “I love how we started this company in our 1st employee’s parents’ kitchen. Just a few of us around the table, and now we have a ping pong table. If there is any greater sign of success, it doesn’t exist on Earth.”

・Who is your ping pong rival?
Josh: “Umm..I’ll give it to Jason. Yeah, I hate Jason.”

・What was your major in college?
Josh: “I still have a lot of karate credits to make up though. I plan to go back to school. Back to the dojo. Which is also the title of my next album.”


・What do you do when you are off?
Josh: “Mostly I just go home and try to fend off my 2-year-old daughter from punching me in the face.”


What’s your goal in ten years?
Josh: “To be 10 years younger.”


Josh arranges fun events for Add3 such as the TV give-away. There is always some fun stuff going on around him. He plays a big role in creating Add3’s unique culture – not only work hard, but also play hard.




About Add3

Add3 is a digital marketing agency that delivers integrated digital marketing campaigns across search, social & display advertising that help our clients reach their marketing goals.  

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