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Jen is Add3’s fun-loving, dedicated, and sarcastic SEM Account Manager.

Jen: “Usually, it just sort of comes out when I’m talking to people. Luckily, most people get that I’m sarcastic and not being mean.haha”

Jen: ” I dressed up as Carrie for Halloween this past year, but I was a little sticky, so Nick wrapped me in plastic bags before he let me sit in his car :(”

She majored in Business management at SU.

What do you love?

Jen: “David Puddy & Thrasher, my cats. I SWEAR I am not a crazy cat lady.”

What brought you to Add3?

Jen: “When I was bartending at a bar down the street, Paul used to come in around 5:30 once a week or so. I’d pour him his Manny’s, and we got to talking about AddThree. One day he told me I should come to the office if I was interested in looking for a different job. And I came, I interviewed, and… Here I am!”

What do you love about Add3?

Jen: “I really like the fact that it’s a small company and really relaxed. I feel like I can go talk to anyone. And, you know, we definitely know how to be serious when we need to, but we have a lot of fun too. When I get up in the morning, I never dread going to work. I’m more like “Okay, I’m going to go to work! Maybe I will play ping pong with someone!””

What is your passion about this job?

Jen: “I love the variety. You never really know what’s going to come up next, and working with such intelligent, creative, and hilarious people makes it even better..”

Who is your Ping Pong Rival?

Jen: “I would say.. Katie, and maybe Tim.”

What do you do when you are off work?

Jen: “I like to run a lot. And my boyfriend and I are sort of getting into wine now. One of my really good friends knows a lot about wine, so she’s been corrupting us. Haha Actually, we just joined our first wine club this past weekend!”

【After Jen finished the Seattle Rock & Roll Half Marathon last year】

When is your happiest moment?

Jen: “This is super cheesy…but I think it’s been my relationship with Nick, my boyfriend, and both of us becoming better people because of each other. We have a lot of fun together, and we push each other to be better every day and to reach our goals, whether it’s PR’ing in a half marathon or repairing a friendship. He brings out the best in me, but he doesn’t let me get away with things! Haha”

【Jen’s studly boyfriend & Jen in a corn maze】

Do you have any hidden talent?


What’s your goal in ten years?

Jen: “I‘d really like to start my own business. To me, it’s always seemed like one of the next steps in the natural progression of my life. Right now, I always have Nora, my boss, as a resource and to back me up. Becoming that person for yourself and others is a little bit scary, but it’s a challenge I’d love to take on.”





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