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Jason is Add3’s VP of Owned and Operated and one of the co-founders. He helps design and build websites, and monetize the sites.
【Photo booth at Sister-in-Law’s wedding】

How would you describe yourself in three words?

Jason: “Family, basketball, and fun!”


Could you tell me a little bit about your family?

Jason: “I’m married with two daughters. One is seven and the other is four. They are beautiful girls. They are both at a fun age and I’m enjoying their time right now. I’m preparing myself for their teen years.”


How did you meet your wife?

【Another photo booth pic – same wedding】

What was your major in college?

Jason: “Psychology. I like solving problems and figure things out especially when it comes to people. I liked understanding how things affect them. But when I was getting close to the graduation, I’d realized the low wage for psych majors fresh out of college so I had to change course!”


Why did you jump into the marketing field?

Jason: “That’s because of Brian. I’ve known Brian for about twenty years. We went to high school together and we’ve always stayed in touch. The whole internet thing started taking place, and he had some good ideas. So I moved up to Seattle and started our own business.”


What do you love about Add3?

Jason: “The people. The dynamic, smart, and fun people here. We’re a small group but we are continuing to grow.”


Who is your ping pong rival?

Jason: “Probably Brian and Adrian. I play mostly with Tim right now, but his not my rival. If we play ten games, I usually win about nine and a half!haha But it’s fun playing with him!”


What do you do when you are off work?

Jason: “I spend time with my family, try to work out as much as possible, and play basketball.”
【Family At Molly Moon’s Wallingford location】

What’s your goal in ten years?

Jason: “To retire! I want to travel. I love white sand beaches and warm water. That’s me. I’d like to go anywhere tropical. My favorite places are Hawaii and Tahiti.”

【Family at Vashon Island】


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Add3 is a digital marketing agency that delivers integrated digital marketing campaigns across search, social & display advertising that help our clients reach their marketing goals.  

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