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Chris is Add3’s laid-back, curious, and friendly SEM Account Manager, who just started working here on November 5th last year.

Chris: “Right now, I’m passionate about learning as much as I can. I’m trying my best to grow fast.”

【Enjoying margaritas (and large sombreros) in Mexico!!】

Chris graduated from University of Washington last year, and this is his first career. His major was marketing.


Why did you decide to major in marketing?

Chris: “I like to be creative, and I really like to work in teams of other creative people.”


When was the moment you shined the most?

Chris: “Um..probably graduating UW. After I graduated high school, I did concrete testing for a construction company. But it was kind of a dead end. As I was working, I realized that I needed to go to college to move up. I went back and put myself into a community college. It took me a long time because I could afford only one class at a time. Also, I had to make sure I had a high GPA to transfer to UW. At last, I got enough credits and a high enough GPA to transfer to UW. It was such a long road. It took me seven years in total. But it was pretty moving when I graduated UW. So I think I shined the most on graduation day. ”

It’s really impressive!

【Tree swinging on Decatur Island】

Chris got married while he was studying at UW.

Why did you decide to marry before you became financially stable?

Chris: “That’s a good question! haha My wife and I were together for six years before we got married. We just wanted to make it final, we couldn’t wait any longer. We wanted a piece of paper to make it real, I guess.”


What do you like about your wife?

【Chris and his beautiful wife on their wedding day】

What brought you to Add3?

Chris: “I found Add3 on craigslist. It caught my eye because it was kind of funny. Their post was like ‘if you are a ping pong master, you like English soccer, and know about SEO/SEM, please call us’. It was more creative than other ads.”


What do you love about Add3?

Chris: “I love the startup environment and how the bosses are right next to us. And we are laid-back, but get lots of work done. Everybody is really nice, and we get along pretty well.”


Who is your ping pong rival?

Chirs: “I don’t know…maybe everybody. I’m at the bottom, and there are a lot of people above of me. I have to slowly chop them down.haha”


What do you do when you are off work?

Chris: “I like to go bowling a lot, and watch movies, play video games. Right now, I play the video game called ‘Hitman’. I sneak around and kill people. haha My favorite movie might be ‘Dumb & Dumber’. It’s like stupid funny. I’ve seen it like 200 times.”


What’s your goal in ten years?

Chris: “I want to have lots of kids. And I want to be stable so that we can go on lots of vacations!”


Do you have any hidden talent?

Chris: “No, not at all. I barely have any talents at all! haha”

【Arriving at the honeymoon suite!】



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