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Last time I was in NYC, I wanted to take advantage of my proximity to Broadway and take in a play.  NY and London are both famous for their live theatre, but that’s about all I know about “The Stage”. While I’m pretty self sufficient, and usually turn to the web to aid in my selection. This time, however, I took advantage of the hotel concierge to advise me.

What’s really great about human interaction is how seemingly non-related banter that plays into final outcomes. In my case, spending 10 minutes chatting about my experiences and my interests produced a great recommendation for a great play. This was made even better by the concierge’s personal connections for a better than web discount and some pretty amazing seats.

That “seemingly non related banter” with the concierge produced a great result in the form of a great experience for me.  It also reflected upon the hotel – I’ll go back just to interface with that concierge staff again.

So – how do you impart a great experience in a scale web interaction? Better yet, how do you make your marketing and advertising experience relate to your consumers in a personalized way?

Put on your seatbelt as Addthree takes you through a multi-part discussion on how to engage with your audience in a meaningful and repeatable way.


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