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Nora Larbi – Add3’s Digital media planner and buyer – is ‘the other Nora’ from Montreal, Canada.

She started working at Add3 as an intern, and got hired by Brian.

・What would you say if you describe yourself in three words?

Nora: “I would probably say enthusiastic, and fast-learner. The third thing could be.. maybe.. clumsy and a little bit impatient-haha.”

・Is there any clumsy episode?


Canadian Nora has an interesting background. She was born in Tunisia, lived in France for a couple of years, moved to Montreal, Canada. She also lived in Argentina for a couple of months, and then came to Seattle. So her first language is French. Her career also has evolved a lot. She majored in law in Montreal, worked as a banker there, and then flew to America to jump into the online marketing world!

Nora: “When I graduated from law school, a friend of mine was starting an online business, and he asked me to take care of digital marketing for him. Without much knowledge of digital marketing, I decided to help him. So it was challenging for me, and I learned a lot. That was the first time I fell in love with digital marketing. I thought this field is dynamic and has amazing opportunities, but I decided to go back to school to study finance. Then I became a financial manager at a bank because it was a stable path. I also got a financial graduate certificate in Canada. I liked it and I worked there for a while, but


I like to always have new challenges and keep things exciting.


The structure and culture of banks are a little bit too traditional and strict to me. So I decided to get back to my first love – the online marketing”


・What do you love about Add3?

Nora: “My first contact with Add3 was as an intern, and I loved the atmosphere. It’s growing very fast, and there are a lot of young people. And they are willing to take risks and give responsibilities if they consider you as an intelligent employee and see your capabilities. I like that they recognize employees and always try to organize fun activities for us. So we work hard, and party pretty hard, too. So it’s great.”


・Who do you think is your ping pong rival?

Nora: “I think I’m at the same level as Jen-haha. But unfortunately, we never played against each other, so I’d love to have a ping pong match with Jenn.


・Can you tell me about your puppy a little bit?

Nora: “He is an eight-month chow-lab. He is the cutest dog-haha. And he is very sweet, and loving❤”

Nora’s cute dog is named “Kalo”, which means black in Hindi. She takes him for a walk every day! As you know, however, it’s almost always rainy in Seattle. So he has his own little rain coat.


Nora’s goal in ten years is getting a management position in the online marketing industry. She also wants to have a family, two or three kids, and two more dogs!


Nora is a kind, passionate, and determined woman with multi-cultural experiences. She gives me lots of helpful advice as a previous intern.

I’m sure she will achieve all of her goals!




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