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Brian is Add3’s ambitious, Virgo entrepreneur. He is Add3’s president and one of the co-founders.

【Brian at the office】

He is half German and half Korean.


Besides Add3, Brian is also the founder of Seattle Interactive Conference.

What inspired you to start Seattle Interactive Conference?

Brian: “There were a lot of things happening in this area, but we didn’t have a platform to share them. We had so much talent in the back yard, but we didn’t have opportunities to benefit each other using the talent. So I decided to create a platform like this so we could make the most of our talent.”


His major in college was chemistry and Environmental Science.

Brian: “I couldn’t understand the professors at all, so I didn’t think I could find a job as a scientist.haha”


What do you love about Add3?

Brian: “Definitely, I love the people that work here the most. I also love learning new things about business, helping other people develop their skill sets, and learning more about search marketing.”


Brian is the one who brought art and ping pong table to Add3.

Brian: “I played ping pong in a club in Germany. Ping pong is really popular in Germany. And I’ve been collecting art for years. I’m a big fan of graffiti art, so most of my art is street inspired.”

Who is your ping pong rival at Add3?

Brian: “Adrian. Both of us are pretty much at the same level. We go back and forth with wins and losses. In every single game we play, we usually go back and forth all the way to the end. Adrian might cheat to Paul, but Adrian and I have pretty fair games.haha”


What do you do when you are off work?

Brian: “I spend time with my family.”

【In Catba Island, Vietnam (Brian’s favorite place on the planet)】


Brian;”And I DJ twice a month.”

【Brian is DJing in that robot costume for Rords of the Froor Amateur Drunken B-Boy Competition.】


Brian: “I also play video games. I’m a member of a pro-team that competes nationally. The team name is TVA – Team Violent Apprehension. I met most of my team members online. ”


For more videos of TVA, please visit here.

They have their own youtube channel, which has 2,589 subscribers and 151,633 video views at this point.

Brian: “I’ve been playing video games since the early 80s. My team is going to Dallas later this month to compete for national championship. This is our first time competing at the national competition as a team. The national competition is MLG – Major League Gaming, and the game we play is CALL OF DUTY BLACK OPS 2.”


What’s your goal in ten years for your private life?

Brian: “My goal in ten years is probably to be retired and have a place in Costa Rica or up in Vancouver that I can go hide away. They don’t have army there, and they are really relaxing.”


What’s your unknown fact?

Brian: “I have one tattoo, but you cannot see it. It’s on my back, my entire back. It’s a Japanese tattoo. A Japanese Princess is fighting a dragon. I love Japanese culture. Basically, I love anything in Asia.haha”




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