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Brandon is Add3’s freelance content writer, who comes to the office every Wednesday. He creates the contents of the websites.

Brandon: “My major in college was English, which is why I like writing. It’s fun because I can be creative and come up with great ideas that haven’t been done before.”

【Golly! Cherry Pie! For all you Twin Peaks fans out there, this was taken at Twede’s cafe, where the show was filmed.】

What are you careful of when you write the contents?

Brandon: “I make sure it’s coherent, every sentence flows to the next, and people want to read it. I think of what exactly the visitors want to know for the certain subject, and I try to answer their questions.”

【Brandon’s friend took this. It was at his art instillation in Pioneer Square.】

How would you describe yourself in three words?

Brandon: “Wandering Free Spirit. I love discovering new things about the city. Usually, I love walking, I love exploring Seattle or wherever I am.”


Where is your favorite place?

Brandon: “Berwick Street in London. I also like collecting records, and that’s the place with three very good record stores. The cover of one of the albums of Oasis was taken on that street. I went there, and my friend and I reenacted the picture!”

【The album cover】
【the album cover re-enactment picture】

Could you tell me a little bit about your career?

Brandon: “After I graduated from college, I worked for the opera for a year. I sang.”

Me: “Really?!”

Brandon: “No, I was an assistant there.haha Then I worked for Zumiez, and got a referral to Add3. After that, I started interning here for Victoria.”


What do you love about Add3?


What do you do when you are off work?

Brandon: “I wander around. The other day, I walked from Capitol Hill to South Lake Union, to Fremont, and to Ballard just because I was bored. And I like browsing record stores. I virtually know every single store. My favorite record varies from time to time, but right now, it’s Cure’s ‘Standing on a Beach’. Every song in it is just so good.”


What makes your life meaningful the most?

Brandon: “The ability to find something new.”


What’s your recent discovery?


When was the most shining moment in your life?

Brandon: “Tomorrow.”


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