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Allison is Add3’s fun, energetic, and outgoing Senior Account Manager.

【Allison’s little family – Allison, her boyfriend, and Bismark】

Allison: “Actually, I started working here three years ago this month. I started as an intern and got hired on a few months later. There were only five people when I started my internship, so it’s changed a lot – it’s grown really fast.”

Allison majored in Advertising in college, and Add3 is her first career.


What brought you to Add3?

Allison: “A craigslist posting. I graduated really at the worst time possible to find a job. So I was really happy to have an opportunity to do an internship with them. And it ended up working out really well.


What do you love about Add3?

Allison: “I love the energy. I think it’s really fun place to work and we’ve got a good group of people. I like being able to have all the responsibilities of the job I do. And I really like to be able to work directly with the owners – I feel like I can make difference at Add3.”


Who is your ping pong rival?


What do you do when you are off work?

Allison: “I play with my dog, Bismark, a lot, he’s a Boston terrier. He takes up a good amount of my spare time. We go for walks every day and he loves playing fetch at the park! Other than that, I recently discovered that I absolutely love snowshoeing. It was very fun. We went a few weekends ago, and I can’t wait to go again. My dog loved that, too. I also really love cooking!”

What is your goal in ten years?

Allison: “I want to buy a house – I’m very excited to have a yard. And I would like to go on a few trips. My first goal is to visit my best friend in Newcastle, England. She is planning all the fun places we can go while I’m there visiting! Other than that, I would love to visit Greece and some countries in Eastern Europe. ”

【Allison and her best friend Alanna】


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